Let’s play a fun game!

I will describe a fictional character with a set of traits, and would like you to post a comment with name(s) of who springs to your mind from all the movies, video games, comic books, shows, books, and other works of art.

  • scientific mind
  • moral high ground
  • good hearted nature
  • playful
  • awkward / shy on occasion
  • generally confident
  • not arrogant
  • underdog
  • likeable
  • providing great contributions to science
  • academic success (in strictly science, not magic)
  • innovative / pioneer
  • animal lover
  • exceptionally intelligent
  • compassionate
  • high work ethic
  • using natural talents and hard work, not “gifted” by paranormal forces like magic
  • female

There is no time limit! Feel free to share and/or ask your media-knowledgeable friends.

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