How our history ends

I don’t have good news. Well, that’s not entirely true, I guess the good news is that most of the things people worry nowadays will never happen. What is a terrible news is why they are not going to happen.

We worry about our digital security. That the Internet of Things will be the end of any privacy. That we no longer will be able to function in the society and in the world without selling everything intimate about ourselves.

Everything will go to hell before that really happens.

We worry what if the colonies on Mars will fail. What if it is our only chance to survive as a species.

It’s already too late for that.

We worry about the rise of nationalism and xenophobia – now this is already too late to fix. The anti-everyone else sentiments are only intensifying, and it’s going to get worse. It’s also going to cause what is about to happen.

Do you worry about climate change? Great. But it’s already too late. We have it until 2025 to completely go emission-free. That’s not going to happen. By 2025 we are going to raise the average temperature of our planet by a breaking point compared to the pre-industrial era. This will launch a chain of reactions that we won’t be able to stop anymore.

If you think that the main issue is that there will be no snow anymore in the world in 100 years, think again.

It is already too late to care about any of the above. What we should care about is who we really are.

How convenient we are. How used we are to our ways. How we do not care about the misfortune of others. How all we think about is what we need, and what we want. How happy we are to turn the blind eye towards things we internally disagree about, but we are willing to sell all our integrity for the sake of comfort.

We all pretend we hate the Nazis, that the Nazis were the worst people on this planet, how horrible we consider the Holocaust. How heartless were all the people who were ignoring the tragedy of the millions, or profiting from it.

Why we pretend? Because we are no different. Shocking? Not at all.

What’s gonna happen is that all the global warming will cause more and more land to be uninhabitable. Before the climate is too hot to live in you run out of water and food. And people will turn absolutely animalistic to get food and water. They will start killing each other, neighbor by neighbor. Desperate parents will turn to crime to feed their children.

And they will migrate. More and more. We will have millions of people from different cultures and languages that we do not understand, and what we do not understand we fear, as if the universal mammal nature of caring for your family and children and having empathy towards your herd members was something limited only to us, and only us. All those people will move towards us.

We already know what is going to happen, we just refuse to truly acknowledge it. We will close the borders. And we will start killing.

We will start killing innocents, whos only fault was that they were born in areas touched by consequences of our own actions.

It’s so nice having planes to carry us on holidays, products from all around the world, cars to transport one person at a time, all the animal-based products we gluttonously enjoy, all the clothes we will wear once. The ridiculous feeling of security living with people who look like us and talk like us, despite that no nation is free of cruelty and crime. We think it’s better somehow to suffer from crime committed by our own, as if rape by a white person was better than rape from a black person.

And for all these shallow comforts and national delusions we are willing to kill.

We will protect our goods from the evil, as we will say. We will say that the innocents behaving like animals are sub-human, because of personal delusions that we would behave differently were we lost our home and source of food and water.

We could have planned everything out to include all the people, but we will not. We won’t stop eating animal products so that the world can share all the plants. Convenience, comfort and our greed are more important than the world for us.

We will be shooting innocent people in need at our borders. We will be no different than the villains from the history lessons we enjoy publicly denouncing so much. And we will bend backwards to rewrite the history for the very few remaining generations of humans that will survive before the planet is too hot to inhabit, to pretend we weren’t.

This is how our history ends.

And that is truly worrying.

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