Misconceptions about THE GAY

  • You want to sexualize children and turn them into perverts.

We do not, and we do not have to, heterosexual parents and pedophiles already do the job in abundance. We just want to give our children the unconditional love that most of us did not have from our families.

  • You only want privileges, not equal rights.

Incorrect. We want everyone to be able to have a gay marriage. We will not stop you.

  • You do not care about oppression of heteronormative people.

If I see a person being oppressed, I intend to act. I do not care if you’re homosexual, heterosexual, or a demi-nebula. Everyone deserves to be protected. And once there is any event in history where heteronormative people are targeted by evil forces, let me know.

  • Flaunting the LGBT flag around is a provocation, like wearing a swastika, and you should not be surprised you got beaten.

People wanting to just live their lives in peace and tolerance, without fear that revealing themselves will result in potential death = people who brought holocaust. The holocaust that targeted the LGBT community as well, and the holocaust that has been fought by a lot of LGBT people. Makes sense.

  • The only correct sex is the one that can bring offspring.

So you only have sex to procreate, and never use contraceptives?

The only correct food is the one that is fueling your body and is healthy, so you do not engage in eating fast foods that are harmful for you, and you eat only the things that are necessary and never do it for pleasure?

Since when is pleasure wrong if it’s consensual, between adults?

  • Gay sex between two men is wrong, because of HIV.

HIV is not the only STD. HIV can be contracted by heterosexual lovers. STD can be contracted by any form of unprotected sex. You never have sex with anyone that has STD? You get your lovers tested every time? You do nothing without condom, even oral sex?

There are safe sex practices that almost completely limit the possibility of contracting STD, and heterosexual people who point out gay sex as being dangerous usually never use them.

  • God is against it.

To quote a Polish politician of conservative, free market party:

If it was wrong then the God would create the world differently.

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