Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

I am late with the post, but who gives a shit. I just wanted to make a wish for anyone reading this, and anyone in general.

We have all had some inadequate experiences in dating, so let me address this. I want all of you to find someone or already in someone, safety, happiness, the future and the present. To be with someone who makes you nearly forget the past, as if it was just a dream. You are now secure, safe from the past.

I want you to be with someone who makes you focus on the future, and it makes you peaceful. No more anxiety, no more doubts. Only confidence, that whatever life brings, you will be at peace. You see yourself growing old, in health and in sickness, together.

Someone with whom you can focus on the present – each every little moment is worth the world. Nothing else really matters anymore, just those moments. A glance, a smile, an embrace, a joke, touch of their naked body, it fills your soul to the fullest, you would not trade it for anything in the world. You lay down to bed every day knowing that your partner(s) is the person you care about above all else, as they care about you. You might want to be alone with them for the rest of your life, in bliss. They are your family. You may want to raise (fur)children with them. Anything is an adventure in life with them, every moment is a gift, there are no worries, only trust.

You do not need any verbal confirmations of their sentiments. You can always see it in their eyes, in their touch, in their actions. Every little thing they do says ‘I love you‘. The gentle wake up kiss before your alarm goes off. The breakfast brought to bed before your work, just the way you like it. The massages, caresses and pets all day. Bringing you a mug of tea when you’re busy working. Taking you out on a walk when you have a break, so you can admire the surroundings and talk about your ideas together.

All the conversations. It seems like you are both the same soul, and yet two different minds that inspire and challenge each other. You can never be bored. With them even discussing meaningless concepts is a party. You’re having the best time just talking to them, and you see the sparks in their eyes, of inspiration, happiness, and love. All you need is your two minds, and the time spent on exchanging viewpoints, developing ideas, sharing humor, is the most precious time that you wish went on forever.

You can always be honest with each other, there is no ego problems, no grudges, just pure communication, and open minds. When the point of conversation is not to make a judgement, it’s to listen, and soak in everything like a sponge, because you want complete understanding with one another.

Every day you wake up and go to sleep next to someone who cherishes you more than life itself. You’re the Queen, and they are your King. You simply cannot help but to worship them. Take care of their mind, their soul, and their body. You’re the architects of the universe in their retirement. Your days are filled with bliss and care for each other. No matter what happens, at any time you can stand together, and dance.

Just standing next to them is the most intense feeling in the world, unexplainable, you feel the magnitude of it, and you’re drawn to them like moth to the flame.

Common problems are long ago unrelatable. You do not understand, nor need to understand the games people play, the power trips, jealousy, the attention seeking, the dominance quarrels. You do not understand the need to control or possess the other person(s). All this seems distant, as if present only in some lands far away behind the ocean.

All you know is acceptance, love, desire, respect, and pride. You are proud of who you are with them, and you are proud of them. You cherish them. Worship them. There is no need for control, as you are equals. You know each other like one another. The respect you have for each other leaves no room for small minded ways of toxicity.

Living together is heaven. It’s all you need, and the thought that your life will be spent with them, however short, brings you peace.

You build your future together. They move the world for you, and you for them. There is nothing impossible, all means necessary. You know what is important, what you want, and together you get it.

You are strongest and the weakest with them. They fulfill all your Inner Child’s needs. You finally have all you ever needed, in the most basic, raw, primal way. They can ease all the anger you’ve been holding for so many years.

Valentine’s Day is everyday. There is no break from love, from romance, from companionship.

Any time you look at them, touch them, see their smile, hide in their shoulders, the world can go to hell, but you are in the safest place in existence, and nothing can touch you. The past is a blur, a dream of confusion and longing. There is just present, and the future, and it fills your heart with joy, and brings tears in your eyes. The happiness you feel releases all the tensions from your body and all the stress from your mind. The onion ninjas never sleep.

You are loved, you are safe, you love, and you bring safety.

And everything is right in the world.

That is all I wish for you to happen. I hope everybody learns to demand from themselves and from others. To not lower their standards, to not agree just for anything. Amazing things can happen if you take a risk, and commit to it. Your partner(s) should be a reflection of you, and you should be able to be proud of what you see. Life really is too short for mediocrity. For boring dates, unchallenging people, abusive, or toxic partners. Be the Queen you want to be, and search for your King, and once you have them, worship them like he deserves. I cannot imagine a better life, no matter the other circumstances.

The world can crumble, we cannot control everything, but when you have such a beloved one to hold you as it happens it makes the life complete.

Best wishes to all of you, and stay safe!

Feel free to check out a very personal, romantic playlist I’ve put together, to reflect the things I’ve been talking about:

Even if I won’t be forgiven, even if I lose everything
I want to see you.

I don’t wish for anything
But for you to keep shining till the world ends

I want to see you again
No matter what it takes.

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