Weird games you should check out

If you also like things that are creepy, difficult to explain, making you uneasy, or just plain weird, let me introduce you to few games that are utterly fascinating in their way of making you question was the author on drugs?

All of the games are available on Steam. While we’re at it, I am always looking for game recommendations, so feel free to add me to friends list, my friend code is 188959141. I’m mainly interested in psychological horrors, RPGs, etc.

Neverending Nightmares

Confusing, mysterious, and progressively unsettling. The basic graphics didn’t take anything from the ambiance. The author said he wanted to portray how it feels like to deal with mental illness, when it comes to feelings of terror, abandonment, and that there is no end to it. It’s a very fragile topic, and especially in video games it’s easy to turn it into something that rather exploits the experience than explains it. In this case the experience feels just honest. It’s hard to call this entertaining, but it’s for the better.

As the game goes, you keep waking up from the nightmares. You start walking around your house again, and find yourself in another nightmare. There are few possible endings to the story depending on where you go and how you interact with the surroundings, all of them tragic.

Bucket Detective

Oh my God. Where do I even begin.

This game is just… something. I would say it’s disgusting. It’s so disgusting, that you cannot look away. And it’s not just disgusting with the gore, or explicit sexual content. The biggest disgust here is psychological. The game gives you a mental portrait of a truly sick man, an ultimate incel, who attempts to gain fame and money to get the ladies to have intercourse with. Even the narrator speaks in an incredibly dumb voice that plays the role of the character’s internal monologue, and displays the true maturity and nature of the man called David Davids.

By accident he discovers the house of horrors created by a cult of said house, and in the game you have few choices that give you different endings. You can decide whether you submit to the cult and unleash the dark forces to have your desires fulfilled, or maybe you withdraw from it.

The game takes about half an hour to complete, even when you are exploring the disturbing art all around and listen to all the recordings, so if you’d like to experience this without paying for the game on Steam, watching the video is completely… satisfactory. I think that’s the right word. If you ever want to cringe to the maximum level, this is your game.

The soundtrack is noteworthy. Beautiful piano music that makes it very pleasant to walk around.

Duck Game

This one is just entertaining. The weird and creepy aspect is just the art for the cards, which is… nude buff duck warriors. Besides that the game is perfectly normal.

The graphics remind of the old Pegasus games, which triggers my nostalgia when I was 6, and playing games with my grandma on her old Pegasus. When I visited her we used to play Contra almost every day, it was amazing. I used to spend a lot of time getting frustrated as I sucked in almost all of the games I’ve found there, but the experience was memorable and it sparked my *cough* addiction *cough* interest in video games.

Basically – you are a duck. You spawn on an arcade map, and you need to either accomplish something in the arcade mode, or kill the other ducks in online games. The game goes on extremely fast, one round can last just as much as two seconds. It trains the reflex pretty well. There is an arsenal of funny weapons, amusing interactions with the map, and cherries on the cake such as QUACK taunt, or yeeting your dead friends out of the map. It’s very easy to screw yourself over if you are not careful, and it’s fantastic.

Don’t starve { together }

There are two games by this title: Don’t Starve, and Don’t Starve Together which you can play with friends, or just online with random people. It’s simple – you spawn on a random map, and you need to survive. As the time flies more danger appears, so you have to be prepared for everything. First task is to secure enough amount of wood for fire, and some food. Then find a proper place to set up a base, and then build a shelter.

You can advance science in the game, which is the most fun part, you just need to collect things for crafting and then create lots of random stuff. You have few characters to choose from, depending on the playstyle you intend to apply (a warrior, or rather a peaceful gatherer for example), and you can modify pretty much everything when you start the game. You can make your map very peaceful, without any monsters for free build (mind you you won’t have access to the materials that you can obtain from monsters, so it’s not ideal), or just modify how often or if at all do you want it to rain, or rain fire, spawn which monsters, etc.

The game is adorably Burtonesque, funny, and contains many easter eggs. Also check out these adorable creatures:

He is just protecting his tiny feathered babies!

I hope you enjoy!

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