Halloween 2020

Despite the lockdown and the pandemic, 2020 turned out to be the best year for me so far. So many good things have happened it is overwhelming, and I am genuinely happy.

Halloween this year was supposed to be all stay at home and maybe watch ‘Nightmare Before Christmas‘ or ‘Corpse Bride‘ for the hundredth time, but with my dearest we decided to go to the Wilanów Palace again and just take a walk.

We’ve had delicious waffles and winter tea, and spent 2 hours just walking, discussing, and fooling around.

Then we went to a cemetery nearby to purchase some plants, since the government decided to close them down for three days. Very pointless jab at the common people just selling candle holders and flowers.

After dinner we have decided that we are not yet done with walking around, so we went to Pole Mokotowskie with our friends, who then invited us to come over and have a small Halloweeny gathering. I got really excited, and put together an instant Morticia costume.

Happy Halloween!

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