Pride Month 2020 – we exist

I am B in LGBT #JestemLGBT

A person, a human, not an ideology.

The world is very confusing in its hypocrisy and inconsistency in LGBT oppression. All of us, queers sin just by the fact, that we aren’t heterosexual and cis. We experience different kinds of discrimination. Some of us are bullied. Some of us are hetero-passing, invisible queers, that get to hear every day what cis-het people say about us, when they think the queers aren’t listening.

Some of us face rape threats. Some of us face death threats. Some of us have nobody to turn to. Some of us choose to stay fully or partially in the closet, because we know that once we show who we are, it will irreversibly change how people perceive us, how they feel about us. We know the moment we stop presenting as mainstream, all our personality and experiences will be reduced to ‘perverts’. The misfits.

As long as we stay in the closet, we can be loved and cherished. Respected. But the moment we come out, it will never be the same again.

Some of us attempt to signal our authenticity. Some of us receive support and understanding.

Some of us hear ‘I don’t want to hear this. I don’t want to think that you are like this‘. We feel it in our bones, that our loved ones’ love for us is conditional.

But we are normal people. We exist. There’s plenty of us. And most importantly – we don’t harm anybody with our identity. We are compared to pedophiles, to zoophiles, but we aren’t sick. And we do not harm. Just like you – we want to love, to share our life, and experience romance with people who will reciprocate our feelings, and want the same thing.

Just like you, we value consent and respect. We want to raise children. We experience maternal and paternal instincts just like you. We want to protect children, and give them unconditional love that a lot of us haven’t experienced. We want to support them, to teach them, to help them grow up into the best persons they could be. We want to teach them acceptance for themselves, and for others.

How come there is such aggression towards the idea of two gay men having children, yet nobody ever tried to tell me I cannot have children? We are both queers. We both do, or can end up in a homosexual relationship. I present feminine and it pleases your eyes, but my life can result in me being a mother to a child, and a partner to a female lover. Or a transsexual lover. Where is the line? Why do you banish some of us, and ignore the rest of us, without realizing how much your twisted logic makes no sense?

Beautiful art piece – “These are my true colors” by K. from

My love to a man and my love to a woman are the same. How can you decide that suddenly dating a woman makes me a pervert. We do nothing different than heterosexual people do.

Being a partner and a lover to a man isn’t wrong.

Being a partner and a lover to a woman isn’t wrong.

You are judging us on things you engage in without giving it a second thought.

If being a ‘deviant‘ would mean you shouldn’t have children – a lot of heterosexual couples should have lost the rights to have children, on the basis of what they participate in in their bedroom. Anal or oral sex aren’t inherently homosexual. They are just a variety of techniques that some people like, some don’t, but are designed for sharing and receiving pleasure.

If having sex differently than just in a missionary position would mean you shouldn’t have children – most heterosexual couples should have lost the rights to have children.

If having a mother and a father is an absolute necessity for a child – heterosexual single parents should have lost the rights to their children, and had them taken away.

I could have my own biological children, but if I ever end up becoming a partner to a woman, somehow we become worse than you, and we cannot get married, she cannot be the mother of my children that she is raising with me, because the law doesn’t protect the children. If my children have a second mother, they cannot stay with her if anything happens to me, and they cannot inherit from her if she dies. We cannot visit each other in a hospital if something happens.

Stop pretending that it’s our sexual lives that make us subhuman, and that you want to protect families and children.

You would rather keep our existence only in pornographic videos that you watch sheltered by solitude, with red cheeks and heart racing, ignoring that most likely you are contributing to such cruelty as human trafficking and exploitation of women and minors, than admit that we are humans that just want to live normal lives, not being reduced to our sexuality. You don’t care about that. You would rather harass homosexual and bisexual women, reducing their existence to your sexual pleasure and fantasy, than let them live their lives peacefully. Who is the deviant here?

How can you attempt to remove us from the very definition of a complete, healthy family, if you yourself are such a cruel, ignorant, thoughtless person, who would rather harass and abuse a homosexual or transsexual child, leading potentially to their suicide, than give the children the love and acceptance they deserve?

LGBT is not an ideology.

What is an ideology, is religious extremism, and the cult of hatred towards people who you perceive as different than you. Genuine education, learning acceptance of natural differences, learning about natural processes that happen in the world, are not, and never will be an ideology. Teaching how to be safe, how to respect self and others, the value of consent to avoid harm – this never will be an ideology.

Suppressing education and healthy development of children to suit your intolerant agenda fueled by hatred and irrational fear and your resistance to learning, that is an ideology. A cult of death, that doesn’t care to ever stop even if it results in death of children they claim to protect. Even if it results in death of parents who just want to protect their children and live a normal life. An ideology is when you force people to live against themselves and put standards on them that cause them suffering.

We are daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, mothers, fathers, grandparents, and friends, whether you like it or not. We are already here. Abusing us, trying to ‘separate us from children‘, will never work. The law should serve its people, not the other way around. You cannot erase us. By hurting us, you are hurting everyone.

We are the children.

We are the parents.

We exist.

Always have, and always will.


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