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Long time no see. Today’s post is just going to be a slice of life.

With new full-time job, and all the university stuff I have very little time to myself nowadays, so writing and other creative pursuits were pushed to the end of the queue for me. However, the exams finally ended, I am also on a sick leave from work, because I got a fibro-flare up and desperately need some rest, I figured I will take a moment to make a small update.

Exam session ended yesterday, so today is the first day in months that I feel like I can just sit down and relax, and let go of all the stress. I got to sleep in, have delicious food, and plenty of period-friendly snacks. Nothing like playing games and devouring tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole. Also my love has brought home tons of cookies today, so it’s going to be a feast.

Easy & healthy vegetarian dinner:

sweet potato (baked: 210°C/1h)
spinach & garlic (fried with olive oil)
feta cheese

white rice (boiled)
tomato sauce
kidney beans
soy & mushroom sauce
nutritional yeast



From the excellent news, I got myself a new PC. Configured and built by my sister’s boyfriend (gotta support the youth having passions). I just provided the funds and approval or lack of it when it comes to choice of components. Later I got also a better screen (up to now I have been using a TV screen on my broken laptop, I know, yikes) that has curved matrix, thanks to which the gaming experience has greatly improved.

Now my set up consists of:



There are few more things I would like to add, I intend to get a new headset that will connect through Bluetooth, preferably with noise-cancelling headphones, a docking station, as I need way more USB ports, and a controller (I want to finally play Alice: Madness Returns in playstation mode), also to be connected through Bluetooth. I already have some picked on my Amazon wish-list, I am just waiting for the next paycheck to not get everything at once. I am moving to a new apartment this year and I also intend to get an ergonomic chair.

Soon, my beautiful babies.

The PC is utterly beautiful, you can’t hear it when it’s working, and running my favorite games uses up to 3-7% CPU. Everything works on highest details, I have insane amount of FPS, truly dream come true. I always had low quality PCs after family members, and once for my 18th birthday I got my own first laptop (it was a business Lenovo), but nothing was really suitable for gaming. Or programming. Or really anything else than just browsing the internet.

My most recent laptop was a custom xNote that was over 8 years old, had broken matrix (hence the old TV screen I got after my sister when she got a new one), and was clearly showing signs of inevitable, sudden death in the nearest future. Needless to say, the difference in experience is mind-blowing, and I am extremely happy. I can finally play all the games I wanted, and actually enjoy it.

Of course I started with The Witcher series. The graphics is just too beautiful even though the game itself is 10 years old. I wish I took screenshots in Kaer Morhen, because the beauty of the castle was just pornographic.

The Witcher Screenshot 2020.02.11 -
The Witcher: found Bruxa!
The Witcher Screenshot 2020.02.11 -
Elven ruins under Visima

Story time: My old friend Shani invited me to a party with Jaskier, and asked me to bring a plus one. I went out to the town immediately to look for Zoltan, whom I bump into million times a day when I run errands. I could not find him for solid 30 minutes, and got impatient. Because I was too lazy to check on the internet that Zoltan’s hiding at Vivaldi’s, I invited the first person who was down to it – Carmen, the prostitute.

She’s a nice lady and it didn’t occur to me that her profession may cause any problems, in fact, in my head it seemed like a good idea because Jaskier obviously must know her, as he knows every prostitute in the country and beyond, and it’s awkward to bring someone completely new.

I was wrong, and Shani got incredibly upset, and gave me a scolding over being a man-whore. Additionally, I got very drunk at that party, so I looked into my sack to look for an elixir that will wake me sober. Unfortunately, my hand slipped and I just took the strongest drug – Fisstech, that knocked me out unconscious, and got me kicked out from the party, figuratively and literally.

Bad Geralt.

The end.

Despite Shani being incredibly annoying, I still got engaged to her just to spite Triss Merigold. I remember what you did in the books, wench.

Also I would like to point out that in the first Witcher game there is the best sex scene in the history of games. I approve. (from 3:44)


I decided to give Skyrim another try too. My first attempt was rather unfortunate, and left me salty for years. After spending an hour creating my character, as usual, I went through the first tutorial mission, and then all excited I went on to explore the map before I got to the first city. And because I am a compulsive hoarder, when I was done fighting for my life with people just to steal their possessions, the weight of my inventory made me unable to run. Also as usual, I refused to get rid of any items, because I intended to sell them at the first stop. Therefore, after spending a solid hour on exploring everything, getting into fights with bandits and random victims of my theft-spree, I spent another forty minutes just walking towards Riverwood.

At last, I have arrived, victorious. Ready to sell all my belongings to the nearest shop, to acquire late-game irrelevant amount of gold, I saw the harbinger of doom: the chicken.

This means war.

My bird-mom brain could not refuse this opportunity to pet the chicken, so not thinking much I just left-clicked on the unfortunate fluff, unaware of what is to come, which was that I accidentally punched it to death. The towns folk were enraged by this, and attacked me all force. To my misfortune, the auto-save triggered itself right after I killed the chicken, and the entire town chased me down. There were also people who were impossible to kill – after dying multiple times I decided to run to another town to save myself. The news spread fast though, and once I reached another city, I was killed by the guards on sight.

I had no other save in the game than the one right after I made the mistake of killing the bird. Sulking, I decided to never play the game again.

Few years have passed, the wounds have healed, and now I am back at it, this time wary of feathered demons. Game’s graphics are fantastic, and my only wish is that there was no weight cap, so that I could steal away all I can and still be able to move in reasonable pace.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition Screenshot 2020.02.11 -
Skyrim: beautiful altar
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition Screenshot 2020.02.17 -
My pretty dark elven mage-assassin, the thief-addict

From novelties, I found the Sherlock Holmes franchise on Steam sale. I started with Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper, and I have to say I love it.

Game.exe Screenshot 2020.02.12 -

It takes place in dark, dirty, mysterious streets of London, at the time when Jack the Ripper started his murder-spree. You control Sherlock or Watson (changes automatically from time to time depending on the story) and try to solve the crimes by questioning people, finding clues, and solving puzzles.

The graphics remind me strongly of the real-life view from Alice: Madness returns, the grim atmosphere, disgusting people, poverty and sickness all around.

The pig heads scene made me glad I don’t eat animals anymore. Disgusting.

Everything is dark and depressing from start to end, the story gets twisted not just because of the main case, but also thanks to the side plots that I won’t spoil. The game is very exciting, and even though there is no combat mode, it keeps you on your toes. Especially if you play in the dark, with headphones on. And it’s a good idea – the music is amazing. Nothing like gruesome murder scenes with beautiful violin in the background. The only issue I’ve had was just overthinking the puzzles – they are enough to be a puzzle, as you have to pay attention, but they don’t require any special knowledge. So when you encounter a triangle of numbers, try not to turn it into Pascal’s triangle, just make the numbers in natural order 12345…, and it’s solved. It’s really not that deep.

The only one puzzle that was making me crazy was one that actually required you to know the battles of Civil War, which I know nothing about, so I just googled the answer and moved on.

The game I really cannot wait to play again is Portal 2 obviously (I missed GladOS, and the co-op where my love and I are throwing each other off the cliffs with maniacal laughter, followed by judgemental stare), and the Dragon Age series. Dragon Age: Origins was my second (after the first Witcher game) single-player RPG. I loved the experience so much, that I tried to get it from other games with no success. Everything about it was amazing, the characters that were unique individuals with their own stories, perfect voice-over, and sometimes unpredictable responses to various dialogue options, the music still gives me goosebumps, the story that was tragic, heart-breaking, cruel and beautiful… The choices were difficult, and aimed at leaving you thinking there was no good one, and you’re guilty regardless. It was just everything. The controls were something to get used to, but once I did it was not bothering me. Unlike Mass Effect.

My first play-through though was as memorable as it was amusing. It wasn’t very fortunate.

  1. I was an elven mage.
  2. One of the templars had a crush on me, but ran away from getting laid.
  3. I killed the best possible companion on sight, because I didn’t know he could have been a companion, I slit his throat before he could speak.
  4. I thought that Alistair the templar was the only available romance option, once I discovered there can be romance options. So I went with it.
  5. I made my lover the King of Ferelden. Then he dumped me, because I was an elf and not human, so I could not be his queen, because people would be offended they are ruled by an elf, a second-class citizen, a slave.
  6. When he tried to get me back I gave him a metaphorical finger, and rejected him for a lesbian cloister sister assassin Leliana, whom I seduced by killing her ex-girlfriend, after I discovered she can be a romance option, because she was flirting with me very awkwardly.
  7. I killed another amazing companion, the mage Wynne, because she called me out on making the deal with the demon to obtain the forbidden knowledge of blood magic. I killed her using blood magic. Suck it, Wynne.
  8. My best friend Morrigan had an agenda and left.
  9. Just for the sake of winning the argument with my dumb-ass ex the king, I slain the Archdemon and died, saving the world.
  10.  I couldn’t play the DLC with my character, because she died.

The best game ever.

Alright, amusing stories told, I am off to play League and stuff my face with more delicious cookies and apple juice.

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