Ranting about politics – Polish elections 2019

On occasion that the parliment elections in Poland are coming up (13/10/2019), I went through some of the slogans of the parties that compete with the one I support, and got myself into plenty of arguments with people to figure out what they are thinking. I was not very happy with the results. As all political events in Poland, this also is going to be quite frustrating, for every party involved. Poles love to talk about politics, hate to talk about politics, and love hating talking about it. And can never stop. Everyone’s an expert on everything. So here’s a rant from a young Polish woman, who’s definitely more into science than economy, but genuinely wants people to have a good life here.

The issues that I find the most urgent are the ones that concern women – as we are ignored in all discussions, cut away from the decision process, and we are let to believe every day that our opinions don’t matter, the Men In Charge™ will decide over our problems. Problems that they don’t even understand.

Below is a list of things that are included in the program of the party that has my support:

Lewica (the leftist coalition)

  • proper sexual education,
  • cheap medication,
  • improvement of healthcare, including OBGYN avaiability to all women in Poland, especially in small town and villages,
  • avaiability of contraceptives for women everywhere,
  • abortion avaiable on demand in first trimester, like in almost all EU countries,
  • public transportation to isolated towns and villages,
  • representation of women in decisive areas, removing the absurd of old men and priests deciding over matters that concern women’s reproductive rights; following their own advice, they provide a perfect balance of men and women in the party, many of women being leaders,
  • removal of Catholic Church’es influence on Polish politics, taxing the church like any other non-government organization; Poland, by the power of our constitution, is a secular state, and should finally live up to this,
  • punishment of priests who were proven to be pedophiles,
  • no tolerance for racism and sexism – Poland as a home for everyone; right now our laws against those actions are not executed properly, since most of our ruling politicians are sexist, racist men,
  • stronger social system paid by tax extraction from billionaires and corporations that work in Poland tax-free at best, being given money at worst, which exploits the lower and middle class,
  • cutting funding the Catholic Church – it’s billions PLN yearly, for an organization that openly despises women and wants to control every aspect of their lives and sexuality,
  • equal paternal leave for fathers – which enables both parents to be involved in childcare, and enabling women to keep their careers.

No other party supports these points. Not one. If any of these topics come up, they either propose nothing, or they want the complete opposite.

I’ve found Lewica coalition (consists of Razem, Wiosna Biedronia, and Sojusz Lewicy Demokratycznej) to be the only party with real program that provides reasonable, important, pro-humanitarian goals, and laid out plans to achieve them. The party is clearly liberal socialist, yet amusingly they are called ‘communist‘ by many people, who don’t understand how currently Poland functions, and how it is in other, prospering countries. The same people show lack of imagination and empathy by promoting capitalism, that at the end leads to exactly the same broken system that communism leads to – leaving the lower class as slaves for priviliged parties – either corporations, or government. It’s pretty distressing, and I hope that if we choose the wise and transparent politicians, they will take care of political and economical education of children. Economical awareness of Poles is nonexistent. For example, plenty of people don’t think they pay taxes.

The same people vote for the current ruling party, PiS – Prawo i Sprawiedliwość, that claims to be right-wing, yet is right-wing only by social norms. They are extreme conservatives, that are against LGBT+ rights, against letting women decide what to do with their bodies, against feminism and emancipation of women, they want to ban sexual education, keep letting our nation be exploited by the men in black dresses, they corrupt the justice system, they give away money (500+ program) and keep throwing us further in debt, cause inflation, absolutely fail the Apartment+ program (cheap social apartments that were supposed to let people take a breath with the costs of living, because developers skyrocket the prices to the point when most people can’t afford their own place), and so on. They invigilate, falsely accuse, and sentence uncomfortable people that they consider ‘political enemies’. They use a tool of mass of neonazis and neofascists to bully anyone who doesn’t fit their idea of a ‘perfect Polish patriot’, which is a white, catholic, uneducated, intolerant male, who can’t even speak his own mother tongue properly. They want to increase the minimum wage without touching the horrible taxes and social dues. They destroyed everything there was to be destroyed for any small enterpreneuer. Economically they are the worst kind of leftists, close to communists, and similar to the Venezuela’s government.

The only way KO – Koalicja Obywatelska, a second widely voted for political party, is any better than PiS is really that they didn’t make our constitution and the justice system their whore the way PiS did. But other than that they all pretend to fight each other in media, while privately they just exploit the system for their private interests and they are no different. They don’t care about the people. They only want safe, warm seats at the parliment for the next cadency. Most people from KO were at the pig trough for eight years, they did not do anything for the better, and they did nothing they pretend to be advocating for today. They used to be believed to be a more open-minded alternative to PiS – then it turned out it was all PR. They are just as conservative, they don’t care just as much, and despite that they promised to ‘talk‘ about abortion law and gay marriage, the only talk they did was letting people know that they are not willing to do anything any differently than PiS.

It’s worth noting that Lewica is also the only party to really address climate change and animal rights. Everyone else is at best pretending they care (mainly by lying on national TV that Poland is doing anything to reduce emissions, while they open new coal mines), at worst denying science and showing disrespect to people who care. I somehow can’t imagine a more urgent and important matter than making sure we don’t fall into armed conflicts, fight for resources, and have a planet that is habitable.

It’s also the only party that shows any merit in public discussion. The leader of the party, Adrian Zandberg, consistently massacres everybody in every debate. Uncovers their lies, shows lack of thought or planning in their ridiculous claims, and points out whenever they had the chance to do as they now promise, and they never did.

The other party that has some publicity and is widely controversial is Konfederacja. Led by Janusz Korwin-Mikke as his hundredth attempt at forming a libertarian political formation to get into the parliment (failing every time). This is noteworthy regarding women’s issues. Korwin himself is considered either a supreme gentlemen by right-wing self-proclaimed gentlemen, who think that being treated as a helpless child, and constantly having to deal with unwanted male attention is a great privilige worth giving up your rights for, and also by women who think that hating on other women will get them some ‘cool’ points in eyes of men, or is considered an elderly prick who has no respect for women.

While I agree that Korwin’s statements are usually greatly misunderstood, he does contradict himself a lot, it doesn’t really help people to like Konfederacja when they realize that Korwin is the least sexist man they have. He doesn’t seem to understand the role of third wave feminists, and while there are some issues in the movement, because spoilers, every movement has their group of utter idiots that ruin it for everybody else, he does not comprehend that personal dignity and being treated as human beings instead of unicorns on a pedestal to be bothered constantly is a thing that women commonly want. But then neither do most of those guys who either are a part of Konfederacja, or just support it. Perhaps it is because they never had to deal with attention, much less unwanted attention, so they don’t know how fucking irritating that is, and that we have had enough.

About unwanted male attention, when it comes to right-wing men on the internet, I must say I really like MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). They have my full support. I want all of you guys to be open about it, label yourself as you like, I will 100% respect your wish and never seek interaction with you. I am very glad you made this choice, bravo, and no matter what you do within this club I will always support you. Anything, so long as you just leave women alone. Please spread the information and your ideology, and take more woman-hating men who agree with this with you. We, women, will be eternally grateful and compliant in avoiding you.

I wish this movement was way more popular in Poland.

Back to Konfederacja and Korwin, I just find them hopeless. If that was Korwin alone, maybe it would make a little sense, but people who gathered under his banner are just complete fools. Korwin says that people not believing in science are idiots. His whole party is out there to ban 5G technology, GMO, vaccines, LGBT+ rights, abortion (many of them advocate for complete abortion ban), all as parts of ‘conspiracy for reducing Polish nation by slaughter‘. That’s not including their ignorant views on climate change, environmentalism and animal rights. I am not even going to address the lack of empathy and imagination, and how utterly crapworthy are their beliefs about ‘independent life‘, as plenty of them just tell poor people ‘just become an IT specialist and stop being poor‘ and cannot answer any basic question stemming from that statement.

We are a social species. We naturally need to rely on others and be relied on. Nowadays our groups are too big and dare I say too connected, but we are wired to be parts of closed groups, especially groups of friends and family. We are meant to be empathetic, help the weaker, and be helped when we are weak. In nature if we ever tried to survive on our own, we’d never resemble the lone wolf, or lion, or whatever animal the ‘individualists’ identify with. We would be a disfuctional ape that dies fast and doesn’t promote survival of her species.

Individualists‘ (as I will call them, I include in this libertarians, anarchists, etc.) idea of freedom is nothing but a child’s whim. They claim they put the ultimate value in freedom, yet they think of it as something free of consequence, unless it’s about policing other people’s choices that lead to them being in need of help from the society. They want to do whatever they want, be free from obligation of helping others in developing the society and our civilization, they naively claim that they have life so sorted out (amusingly this always said by young people who still have support from their families, live in bigger cities, have access to everything built by taxpayers) that they never will need anyone’s assistance, and dare to call themselves self-made when they did nothing but simply followed the common path of education->work of able-bodied white people from prospering homes.

The same people never see the consequences of their actions, and somehow their freedom of doing whatever they want is more important than other people’s freedom to not be subjected to the consequences of their actions. I’ve talked to few indivudualists like that, it was never about what they can do for others. It was always ‘me, me, me‘. They react panicly to propositions of regulating things in favor of freedom of other people instead of theirs.

I want people to have freedom of living in tolerant place. I want them to have freedom to breathe fresh air. To have economical freedom to make healthy, and responsible choices. I want them to have freedom to live, if they unfortunately fall sick or have an accident. I want them to have freedom to do what they want, when their basic needs are taken care of, and they don’t abuse anyone else’s freedom by result. Ideally, I would love the specieism to end, so we can expand this to giving animals freedom to live, to be, to not be enslaved, tortured and killed. But this is too far for our dear individualists. Science, health, ethics, it means nothing to them, just as other people’s freedom means nothing to them, if it means restricting themselves.

They are blissfully unaware of how many their ‘needs and wants‘ that they think they have, how many opinions they have, are all manipulated by media. They call empaths ‘sheep that follow trends’ like veganism, environmentalism, etc., thinking they have it all sorted out, and they are intellectually above those puny emotionals. Even if you throw science at their faces.

It’s a sad time of ours, when capitalism has made us think that emotions are weak, and we are supposed to strive for ‘pure logic’ that human brain is not even capable of. Not caring about others, animals, or ethics is not being ‘reasonable’. People who expect others to be helped are not ‘too sensitive’. The uncaring self-proclaimed rationals are just being assholes.

I just love it when conversations with those ‘rationals’ about restricting access to certain harmful things happen, and you hear the dumbest shit, like ‘we are natural predators‘, ‘I want my freedom to eat the steak every day‘, ‘it’s my choice to eat meat‘, ‘it’s my choice to drive a car that uses oil‘, ‘it’s my choice to smoke‘ (and poison everyone else’s air, and pollute the oceans), ‘I will pay for the health consequences of my actions‘ (no, you won’t, you don’t even understand what those consequences are because you keep comparing humans to lions with the ‘nature is just nature’, and you know jackshit about science).

You are not wolves, you are not lions. You are not mighty hunters. You are not intelligent and independent as much as you think. You are this furry, frugivore guy who eats, cuddles, fools around, thinks sometimes, and sleeps, all his life.

Except you have a written language and some tools.


Go ahead and ask them where they get their protein from, and call me back when they stop laughing after you’ve told them you have carnivore’s canines.

I find their belief in their own ‘free will’ very naive as well. Sadly they think just too highly of themselves because of lack of wider perspective, they put themselves on pedestal ‘everyone in society should be like me, I have a good job and can pay for a private appointment with a doctor‘, they see no value in other people who are too different than them, and they put this self-assurance and superiority complext as a requirement for other people.

As if being a single 30 years old male with some money savings,  and nobody seriously sick in the family, makes you automatically immune to accidents and tragedies that turn you into a struggling, possibly homeless person immediately.

And don’t get me started on quality of insurance services when wild capitalism is raging.

But just as them, people are not intelligent in their mass, they aren’t preventing issues, they aren’t thinking ahead, they are not immune to manipulation, and no matter how much you want to try to destroy a system, people will still try to regulate things. You can only hope that people in charge of regulations have nation’s best interest in heart.

Outside of Lewica I really can’t say that about anyone on our political stage. Even towards Lewica I am skeptical, as they’re new. But everyone else fucked everything up already, so the leftists deserve a chance. This is what we need – the novelty, some freshness in our rigid, outdated, broken system. They have a program that’s good enough for me (if they managed to fix at least three of the things from the list at the beginning of the post I’d be ecstatic), and most importantly, they are good people. That itself is enough for me to follow them.

If you make decisions for a society that turn out negative for them, but you care, you will fix it. But if a greedy old man decides to exploit the nation on purpose, there is no way the common folk can successfully demand to make it right. Our politicians hide in limos, expensive hotels, and guard themselves away from the plebs, employing an army of private security. Or sometimes they just use the police as their private guard. I live close to an airport – almost every day from 01:00 to 02:00 AM I hear a concert of loud police sirens, because one of our politicians has a flight to catch, and despite that the road is empty and people are sleeping he needs to be delivered there with full pomp, in limo covered with eight police cars.

There is no real purpose to this aside from the self-importance and lack of respect to normal people. Do they ever think about waking up children, working people, everybody? If they did, we’d see it.

Lewica consists of people who are not afraid to go out to meet Poles on the streets. You might say they have good PR actions, like giving away donuts or coffee in the busy morning, but I see a readiness to serve the nation and be there for people, instead of using people as a way to gain power and treat taxpayer’s funds as their personal piggybank.

I hope these people will be elected in mass, and prove in the upcoming years that you can do things right, and Poles will have something to be genuinely proud of – a functional society that has people’s back.

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