Child adoption by homosexuals [LGBT+]

One of the biggest controversies worldwide is wether it should be legal for homosexual couples to adopt children. I say couples, because it is also a controversy wether they should be able to be married. I am going to focus on child adoption, because when it comes to gay marriage there is literally no logical point against it for me to argue with, so let’s just assume that we do want gay marriage, and just discuss wether they should be allowed to adopt. In my opinion there is also none rational argument against gay adoption, but I do understand that for people who never met a gay person, and lack proper sexual education, this may rise some concerns, since the situation is different from just marriages, because it’s not just about two consenting adults – childen’s well being is in the question, so the doubts should be addressed.

Homosexuality is unnatural

Contrary to the popular belief spread by people as a catch phrase against homosexuality. There is nothing of substance behind the word “unnatural”. We cannot say wether something is unnatural. It’s safe to assume everything that happens in the world is a result of laws of physics, therefore as nature intended. Humans are the result of nature, human actions are as well. Humans creating plastic is also natural, just like any other animal creating tools. Nothing what human mind and body is capable of is unnatural. We only can consider something to occur more or less frequently. There are less left-handed people in the world. There are less gingers in the world. It still doesn’t make a left-handed ginger an unnatural abomination that should be treated as a subhuman, and have their human rights taken away.

Another thing – homosexually does exist in nonhuman species. Specifically in species that are highly social, and caretaking of their offspring, because it’s vital to their survival – contrary to species that just give birth and leave the offspring to survive on its own. Homosexuality exists to assure survival of the children that have been abandoned or orphaned. Which happens fairly often, not just in the wild, but humans too happen to have filled orphanages. Homosexual couples in birds and in mammals have been observed to either adopt forsaken children, or help heterosexual couples take care of their children. There have been amusing incidents such as gay penguins stealing eggs of other couples to raise as their own. Rude, but it only shows how homosexuals are no different than heterosexuals when it comes to parental instinct.

Homosexuals can’t naturally reproduce

This applies only to gay men and lesbian women if they have never dated outside of their biological (or genital, however it is appropriate to call it) gender, in which case yes, it’s true, but that still doesn’t change the fact, that nature intended them specifically to take role of foster parents. Lots of heterosexual people also can’t reproduce, yet in their case somehow in vitro method or child adoption is perfectly acceptable. So let’s not pretend this is an actual argument, and not just another catchphrase to hate on those evil gays.

Aside from lesbians and gays, the non-heterosexual and non-cis groups are much more varied. All LGBT+ people are portrayed as some sort of deviants, perverts, who are going to infect poor children’s minds. Why not check out some of the examples of LGBT couples that can naturally reproduce, and how they are perceived in public:

  • bisexual woman + bisexual man = somehow aren’t considered perverts who would taint their children because they pass off and are relatable as heterosexuals, their orientation is seen as invalid or attention-seeking
  • bisexual woman + heterosexual man = somehow this is a real life fantasy for many heterosexual males, often the same ones who scream that gays are disgusting
  • heterosexual womanbisexual man = this is somehow different than the previous couple, because the man could be gay, which is unacceptable, and the woman who is with him clearly lacks self-respect because she is seen as a man by her partner (that one confuses the hell out of me*)
  • transsexual** man + homosexual/bisexual man = both are seen as abominations who shouldn’t have children
  • transsexual woman + lesbian/bisexual/heterosexual woman = evil feminists who shouldn’t have children and only cry for attention
  • transsexual woman + transsexual man = on the outside everything is fine, but once people know their identity they become abominations who never should be allowed next to children
  • Any nonbinary person + anyone, so long as their genitals are compatibile for reproduction = nobody really knows who they are aside from “freaks”, because accepting various types of gender identities are next century problem, since we still did not even sort out sexual orientations yet (people as a mass tend to catch up with science rather slowly)
*Obviously bisexuals are erased in public debate, because as usual people apply their black-and-white thinking to everything, so their little brains cannot accept that a person might be into other people regardless of sex, at the same time having personal standards and tastes, and remain monogamous.
**The ability to reproduce in transsexuals is saved if they choose not to go through genital surgery.

The above examples only show that judging non-heteronormative couples by their ‘natural’ ability to reproduce leads to inconsistency, and it invalidates it as a way to determine who should be allowed to have children. Especially since there are ways for them to have children, other than adoption. There is no reason why a lesbian couple could not get pregnant through in vitro method. There is no reason why any homosexual person could not have children from a previous relationship, from when they haven’t been aware of their sexual orientation (or if they choose to be in a conventional relationship and stay in the closet). Some homosexuals don’t realize their orientation until they are already mature adults, and married to a person of opposite sex, often already having children with them. Nothing changes after such realization, they are still the same person, and the same parent to their child. There is also no reason why a gay couple could not hire a surrogate.

I am going to also point out that if we ban homosexual marriages, this harms nobody else but the children. By pretending all those ways non-heteronormative couples could have children don’t exist, we compromise security of children in those families. Visitations in the hospital, inheritance, child care in case one of the parents die, and risk of ending up in foster home – all those things are a threat. Imagine you are the child in this scenario. You love your parents all the same. But in case one dies you are not allowed to stay with the other one. You are not secured by inheritance and insurance. You are not recognized as the family of one of your parents. Your parents also worry about healthcare and hospital visitations. And on top of all those legal issues the society bullies you and your family for something they can’t change, and treats them like perverts and weirdos. You hear from your beloved parents how they were driven to self-harm and depression all their youth. Homophobia is dangerous, and homophobes are harming children, at the same time pretending they care about their well-being.

But let’s not forget the main reason why homophobes are so agressive towards non-heteronormative people, threaten their safety, and stress their families.

Homosexual sex is disgusting

I cannot express the amusement this argument brings me. The utter lack of sexual education and repressed homosexual urges at their finest.

Sexual orientation does not determine what sex do you like. There are gay men who don’t like anal sex. There are lesbians who enjoy penetration, and dislike oral sex. There are plenty of heterosexual people who love both anal and oral sex, and engage in all sorts of kinks and fetishes. A heterosexual woman can give a massive orgasm to her heterosexual partner by anally stimulating him. Yet somehow people don’t take heterosexual couples into consideration when listing who should not be able to have children (as if whatever people do in their bedrooms affected their parenthood quality).

But anal sex is not natural, the men who confuse digestive tract with reproductive tract can’t be right in the head!

Sweet, sweet idiots. Enjoying having your dick sucked? Because your women are using their digestive tract for that. Are you going down on your women? You are engaging in ‘lesbian sex’ by your standards. And if you consider oral sex to be disgusting – I completely understand why your women always ‘have a migraine’, and you have to boost up your manhood by throwing out your frustrations on other people, fixating on their sex lives. You have no idea how to pleasure a woman.

As for men, you think anal sex is unnatural? Why prostate stimulation brings such pleasure to men? I strongly suggest you try it out. But why not, your ego doesn’t let you? Plenty of studies show that if you feel so strongly against homosexuality and fixate on homosexual acts, you are only fighting against your own urges that you don’t accept. So go ahead, maybe you will enjoy it far more than you think.

Just remember one thing:

No 100% heterosexual person could ever think that one can be anyhow converted to be gay. A heterosexual person can perform all kinds of sexual acts, and can be exposed to the sexiest in existence, seductive, naked gays, none of that will turn him homosexual. So if you think that showing gays in public or engaging in stereotypically homosexual sex types could turn someone gay, you are in fact gay or bisexual, and repress your homosexual side.

Accept yourself. And others.

Welcome to the LGBT+ world, I will be your guide.

At the end I would like to encourage you to read this educational and humorous short comic titled Lesbians 101, made by A. Stiffler and K. Copeland from ChaosLife. In the comic they deal with most common questions and assumptions people have when it comes to lesbians, and I believe it is a good read for people who think of sexual orientation as a ‘personality trait’, as it deals with lots of misconceptions about sex and all sorts of sexual identities. Enjoy.

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