The paradox of tolerance

Every time a problem regarding intolerance is brought to light, and people who are more intelligent than a rock, and have wider perspective than a keyhole, react to intolerance with negativity, we hear the same stupid argument:

If you are so tolerant, why don’t you tolerate my intolerant worldview?

I don’t know how many of those are simply trolls, and how many produced this abomination as a legitimate thought, following by self-gratitude that they figured out how to once and for all shut the mouths all the “evil tolerant people, who threaten my ignorance”; regardless, in order to really think this has any logical consistency, one must struggle to breathe and think at the same time, because it’s too much of an intellectual challenge.

There is no paradox. This is not illogical to be intolerant of the intolerant, for the sake of tolerance. This is exactly what tolerance means. Tolerance doesn’t stand for only passive acceptance. It stands for actively defending the minorities, and whoever else needs it. We don’t just say ‘we won’t be assholes to this group of people’. We say ‘this is wrong to be an asshole to this group of people, because what classifies them as such group is not a valid measure of human’s worth’. Aside from all the ‘it’s wrong in general to be an asshole to people, and attempt to justify it with shitty, 10 IQ generalizations’. And since we do believe those statements, it would be inconsistent not to act upon them.

The paradox is that people often offend minorities in the name of the God, who supposedly taught people to love everyone, and pray for them, regardless of who they are. Aka be tolerant. That’s a valid example of pissing on values one claims to treasure.

If you are physically assaulted by someone, would you recognize that this is wrong to physically attack anyone, and therefore remain passive and not fight back? No. You do whatever it takes to stop the attacker, even if it means killing them. There is a reason such thing as self-defence exists, and is a valid reason to not charge someone with manslaughter.

Nazis were killing people.

Was killing Nazis wrong?

No. If someone kills Nazis we call them a hero.

And they were killed in masses, by people who were tolerant. Tolerance has much stronger meaning than it sounds. Tolerant people have been risking their lives to save those, who have been opressed due to their skin color, religion, or ancestry.

If someone calls you out on being an asshole to a group of people, they are not betraying their valued tolerance. They are rightfully acting upon it. It’s their civil responsiblity. And you are the unit to be forced into fitting the civil society. Or be eliminated from it. Nobody owes you to protect your comfort if you are being verbally or physically offensive towards others.

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