The most wonderful gift

Personally I’ve always felt weird about receiving gifts. I’m a very minimalistic and practical person, plus I always analyze everything to make the best choice, so most of the time if someone goes to the store, and thinks “oh, nice item, Falka would appreciate this” – Falka wouldn’t. I keep things like pictures, small gifts that fit in my memory box, and hold a special meaning to me (for example a teddy from a classmate that I never really had a connection with, but he remembered my birthday, and decided to give me a small something, which was a very thoughtful and really surprpising gesture for me, because of my past experiences), but most of the time it’s just unnecessary placeholders to me. Clothes I will never wear, books that don’t interest me, music I don’t listen to, kitchenware I don’t need… The list goes on.

It’s not that I never appreciate anything though – there are gifts that I will remember for a long time, especially when I see that my friends really thought them through, and I appreciate it greatly. But I found an ultimate frankengift that will make me truly happy. It’s donating to a special cause. I have decided to do that this year, and I started a donation on my facebook profile. The money will go to Old Friend Senior Dog Sanctuary. The collection ends at the end of December, but I still am so antsy I put some money into it already myself. I checked this sanctuary, and just the pictures of the dogs melt my heart. They remind me of Thief, my old pup who passed away recently. I recognize the “elder dog” struggle in the eyes of the others. I could not imagine a better way of honoring him. I want all the other dogs, especially those that are old, disabled, ill, and often abandoned by their families, to be always well fed, entertained and rested. To have them be warm during winter.  None of this would be possible if not for the kind people who keep the place going with their donations, volunteering, and shop purchases. So it really means the world to me that I can be a part of this, and that I can see my friends partake too.


It’s important to me to find those little things everybody can do. I believe that most people are good-hearted, and willing to stand for those who are vulnerable, unfortunate. and dependent. What humans as a species do to animals is horrible, but every action to change that counts. Animals are on our mercy, and what we choose to do about it defines us and our humanity.


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