A walk with alpacas

Recently I discovered that there is an alpaca farm in Warsaw, called Alpaki z Zielonych Traw (loose translation: Alpacas from Green Meadow). Alpacas are fairly new in Poland, unfortunately that means the laws regarding breeding them are undefined, so there is plenty of room for malpractice. The Polish Alpaca-Farming Association was founded to address this issue. It gathers all farmers and promotes knowledge about proper treatment for those wonderful animals.

I paid a visit to one of the farms – the best one in Warsaw. Arguably the best one in Poland, I saw the living conditions of those alpacas really meet the high expectations. They are fed healthily, have plenty of time for rest, have a lot of physical activity and they “work” only for two hours per day. The herd consists of 4 males (females are not allowed on the farm, because the boys need to focus on their job, no room for being distracted with naughty thoughts and competing over women), including one miniature called the Little Prince. He is the most adorable of them all and most cuddly – his size allows him to be a great pet for children.

The herd is trained as therapeutic alpacas – they visit schools, kindergardens, and are visited by children, elders and others, who need relaxation. Mainly they are used as a therapy for disabled children, especially those with developmental disfunctions. Alpacas are similar to horses or dogs in this scenario – they provide close contact with animals, relaxation, entertainment and their fantastic floof to touch. Honestly, they are the softest thing ever. I certainly intend to buy winter clothing made of alpaca fur – it’s harmless, because they have to be shaved every year.

Firstly, we took a nice walk through the forest. The view was beautiful – it was the peak of infamous polish golden autumn. I was walking Olaf, the herd alpha, a big and handsome white male, and then I switched to Little Prince. We talked a lot about alpaca’s living conditions, their character, how they act around people. It was an amazing experience, because we could see how comfortable the alpacas feel around humans. They were very playful and occasionally naughty to each other, while for humans they showed infinite patience, and even enjoynment of cuddles.

Fun fact: Olaf clearly wanted to use the bathroom. But alpacas won’t just go to the toilet anywhere – they have their place and they don’t feel comfortable anywhere else.

At the end we went back to their barn, surrounded with a run. It was time for their rest, so we fed them carrots, let them hang out with us a bit as they were asking for pets. Olaf could finally use the bathroom and was clearly excited about it. Overally it was a very enjoyable experience, I certainly intend to visit the boys again. It’s the greatest way to spend the evening outside, get in touch with nature and charge the batteries for the next week.

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